"It is a great honor to welcome you friend, our epic adventure is about to embark, our ship shall take us to unknown lands where we will find treasure, glory and fame."
A Destiny not yet Written…

Welcome friend to the world of Delfina.
The time has come, where war, misfits, pain and sorrow engulf our world.
Will you help us, unite us, push back the villains, restore peace and order.
Take up arms, cast your magic, and fight your way through the battle fields, dungeons, and evil kingdoms. Triumphant, earn your keep, attain honor, build your fame.
The battle between Friend and Foe, Light and Darkness, Life and Death has begun.
Endure the sadness and feel the glory but above all achieve victory.

In a World filled with many enchanting wounders, a war came in which all races were united and then divided.
Victory was reached, but at a cost too devastating to bear.
Honorable Heroes, Noble Men, Old Friends were no more.
The Truth was hidden and order followed. Peace and Prosperity returned to the land, paving new generations to drive.
Legends were Lost, and Foes Forgotten.
Centuries passed until one day Evil returned The forces of good united and the war for the Crystals began.

Start your journey with one step, and with each step you will find many in need of your help, and just us many trying to stop you.
Learn the lessons of the Imperial Heroes; Aid them to prevail over the Darkness, fight by their side to Defeat the Shadows, the Villains, the Demons and Death it self.

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